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Malty Maiden here, just a Craft Beer Addict with a Fashion Lifestyle, Passion for Traveling, Lover of all forms of Headwear, & Avid Family Camper!


If you have a hobby, there’s a pretty good chance that it becomes a big part of your life, and sharing about my beer adventures on IG has been that hobby for me for quite some time.

As I developed a palate for craft beer back in my college years at the University of Central Florida, I put that passion into my beer-focused Instagram account about 8 years ago. I'm a native Floridian, based in Orlando, so you'll always find me at one of our local breweries or attending a beer-centric event nearby.

Throughout my content, you will find pictures and videos of different style beers I drink (mostly Hoppy Double IPAs), travels across the country, camping adventures to all my favorite State Parks, “What Malty Wore,” where I link all my favorite fashion and beauty finds, and lastly because I’m a Beer Mom, you will find the occasional picture of my sweet 5-year-old daughter.


I have met so many incredible people thru my journey and travels in Craft Beer, which has also opened some exciting doors for me. I hope that my content brings you inspiration, a few laughs, and new discoveries! Be sure to follow along my adventures exploring beer & more on my Instagram page!

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